Personal Accountability Coaching

Advanced, Time-Saving Wellness Tech

We know your team is busy. That's why our solution includes program management to ensure success with little of your staff's time.  

Step 1

Employee Marketing

Email campaigns.  Social media campaigns.  Employee presentations and more. 

Step 2

The Right Incentives

We'll help you select the right incentives for your goals and culture.  Our platform makes it easy. 

Step 3

Analytics & Reporting

Weekly reports showing you exactly the engagement and success of your employee programs.

We've helped thousands of employees improve their health and happiness.  Will your employees be next?  

Our typical company implements 4 unique, employee focused challenges each year.  

Jaynes Corporation

Industry: Construction

Employees: 145

Program: 5 unique challenges annually

Client Length: 7 years

SECU Credit Union

Industry: Financial Services

Employees: 95

Program: 4 unique challenges annually

Client Length: 4 years

Holy Cross

Industry: Health Care

Employees: 440

Program: 2 unique challenges annually

Client Length: 3 years